Better Business Reporting in Excel - XLReportGrids 1.0 released

XLReportGrids 1.0 released

XLReportGrids is a FREE, Excel add-in that builds grids of visual reports, from a template, sized to fit the printed page. 

Templates are just a range of cells in a worksheet that are driven by a pivot-table. Build templates with: charts, formulas, images, pivot-tables, text boxes, anything that can be added to a worksheet.

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  1. This tool has been extremely helpful in my weekly reporting. It has allowed me take what may have appeared to be random data, and turn it into a story quickly through the use of charting what ever I so choose to pivot my data on.

    I highly recommend this for anyone who is constantly analyzing data and looking for a better way to portray their story.

    Daniel Sturman


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