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It's been quite a while, just over 12 months in fact since my last blog post.  In that time, I've been hard at work developing analytic applications for the Orchestro DSR.  (Orchestro's off-shelf alerting tool is especially cool and something I am very proud of contributing to).    I enjoyed my time at Orchestro, they're a good team and have big plans, but one key thing I found out about myself is that I prefer working real-life problems to developing software for someone else to have all the fun :-)

So, I'm now back full-time on consulting and I will occasionally blog on topics of interest to me.   Expect to see more soon on:

  • Next-generations DSRs (Demand Signal Repositories)
  • Retail supply-chain analytics
  • Handling (BIG-ish) data for analytics
  • The right tools for the job (Predictive Analytics, Business Models, Optimization)
  • Some more thoughts on store-clustering
  • Inventory modeling at retail (and why it's different, again)
  • Order forecasting using POS data
  • Further thoughts on SNAP and other ignored demand drivers
  • and if there is something you would like to hear more on ... just drop me a line.

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